Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


This .

Lowthers don’t do their best in a box. I built Big Funs after hearing Adam’s a few years back and enjoyed them for a couple of years. Now I have Oris 150 horns and they sound better than any box. I’ve heard all but one of Lowther’s published designs over the years and may others. A front horn is best for them IMV. Needs bass support though.



Are they paper cone drivers? They look very similar to my Supravox drivers


They do make their own drivers & use a Kraft paper for the diaphragms which incorporates 5% wool. A lot of their thinking on driver design is informed by what various manufacturers were doing with materials & magnets in the 50’s & 60’s. Their sister company Magnat tends to do the high tech modern materials stuff & gets very different results.




I think this is what sets them apart and makes them so special. Even my old Heco Celan 300’s have kraft-paper main driver cones, made of long-fibre pulp from Nordic trees with ten per cent wool for damping and they have a fabulous sound and tonality for such a cheap (in relative terms) speaker.

Don’t know how I’d ever replace them if they gave up the ghost.


I use two of them, never had any issues with 30 years of use. Also have a Goldring one. I don’t use fluids.


Here are some pictures of Acoustic Plan Veena and it’s smaller brother Avarta using Lowther units. Never heard them and never seen them second hand. Some reviews though.


Organised vinyl with new alphabetical dividers made from old records


Nice! Where are the cupboards from?




What’s the dimensions?


382Wx842Hx196D not including the feet


Cross brace and bracket to the wall:


Alternatively, stand it the right way up so that the loads work in your favour. That fail occurred because the weight of the records is on the dowels holding the short shelves in place rather than on the long shelves.

User error.


Fuck me, you missed your vocation - should have been a joiner/carpenter. :+1:

Would’ve been better for us too, you maybe wouldn’t have picked up the knowledge go on and on and on about the usual shite you spout. :rofl:


I would have been a splendid carpenter if I wasn’t useless as building things. Also, the fact that my DIY usually spontaneously combusts doesn’t suggest a vocation behind the saw was a particularly good idea.

As for the rest of your post, you may feck off immediately and not return until you are required to perform your duties as a Festive Doppelganger.


Is that a DAC90 on the shelf?

Just repaired one of those for a friend.


Mine has additional bracing I added to the back across the shelves and uprights. All joints glued to avoid a collapse.


You might need a hand if you ever need to get it out of the room. There’s this bloke called Speedy Steve …



Don’t think it’s ever leaving the front room without a sledge hammer being involved. :flushed: