Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


A short trip to a Motorway Services and this fell into the back of my car…


Is that Graham’s old deck?

Is it replacing something else or are you new in/returning to the fold?


Yes, it’s G’s oldun. Bought it from J_B.

I’m selling the Pro-Ject to a neighbour (or moving it to the brewery, depending.) I’ve been faffing about deciding what to get next and this came up. I’ve been curious about DD anyway.

I’ll be fitting my 2M Blue for the short term. Then fitting a Hana SL and getting an appropriate PS.


It’s rubbish.


I’ve gone off you :unamused:


You were getting a bit friendly :wink:


I suspect you’ll be alarmed at how much better it is than a Pro-Ject.


We used to replace those headshells with solid ones and removed the rubber gasket for sound improvement. And get a mat upgrade.


Worth checking it’s quiet enough with an MC. @stu had hum with his.


Did @stu discover the cause ?


No,i never found out what the problem was.
I tried an MM cart which was fine,so pretty sure it was nothing i had/hadn’t done.
I had only just bought the Hana,otherwise i would have been happy to buy a decent MM cart for it.
Shame as i really liked the deck.
I know others have used MCs with no problems


Thanks for that.

Time will tell, I guess.


Arriving tomorrow, looking forward to these as I really like Shahinians.


great looking things, hope to hear some one day (subtle way of saying let me know…)



What happened to the Primes?

Or are you going for the @ICHM approach of the “shop that never sells anything”?


There’s not going to be much room in the combi once you have squeezed those lads in there. :grinning:


Very nice. What amps you thinking of driving those with?


Are they a pair? Holes both offset to the right!


They are designed that way.


I keep about 50%. Harrumph