Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Have still got them, hoping to keep them unless the tax bill is bigger than I thought.


Modwright KWI 200

200 watts into 8 ohms
350 watts into 4 ohms
650 watts into 2 ohms

The specs say 400 watts into 2 but Dan said to realistically expect less as at that power the distortion would be huge.


In and doing their magic :slight_smile:


Looking really tasty :+1:


Looks great, can’t wait to see next weeks set up :joy:


surely you mean tomorrows set up…


A fooey wanky wire.


Monster MC 750HD-6M EU High Speed HDMI Cable- 6m

For the purpose of hooking up my new Asus ROG gaming laptop to my Nakamichi A/V processor & TV gubbins which is an adjunct to the main system thanks to the flexibility of my hif i amps. :eyeglasses:

£8 delivered vs £120 RRP


I won’t wire my telly up to anything cheaper than these


what about the gubbins though?


I remember being impressed by these at Scalford a few years ago with Mr Perceptive.


Are those the people two doors up from Stu ? They’re not cable believers I think. Who knows what they use …



I like the thought of a family of Gubbins, hoarding stuff everyone has jettisoned


I would like to see a site called ‘Hifi Womble’ where hoarders of hifi can gather and share their crusty tails of floor to ceiling Grundon bin Sanyo finds.


Some of the Facebook HiFi groups are a bit like that.


Please to linky, inner troll stirring over here




Nothing specific, but I see all sorts up dumpster rescue crap appearing in my feed. Have a look what groups I’m a member of on FB.


Basically anything with ‘vintage’ in the title. ‘vintage’=‘crapola’


I don’t have Facebook but I did see a Facebook page for a record shop in Newcastle that were selling hi-fi units with turntables, labelled as either vintage or shabby chic. I was embarrassed just looking.


Do they rub them down and paint them with chalky paint? That would look, uh, never mind…