Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


OK, for a laugh I asked Absolute Sounds what a new pair of bass units would be for the Sonus Faber Electa’s, and you have to guess how much, Clue is that they are modified Dynaudio apparently, the MW180.






Keep going, this is for 1 unit.


£1160 ?


Close but no cigar, keep going.


You can get an unmodified one for $269, but it’s obviously in the US.

What can they possibly do to a car speaker to make it worth more than £1100?

I’ll guess £1499.99


Indeed, £1299 incl VAT for one unit, f-u-c-k-i-n-g hell that’s some mark-up, As far as I can see it’s not the right unit, but SF think it is, so who am I to disagree?




I don’t think so but that is how I’m remembering them haha


We have lift off !

Many thanks to John for French interpretations and Guy for his keen fettling abilities

A picture of Guy giving the crossover an extreme dressing down

With the aid of breezeblocks, the chip board and old iron sounds promising.

A most enjoyable mornings listening - It took a while to find but here’s the most plinky plonky record I could lay my hands on.


They did sound very promising when both were up & running yesterday. The drivers & acoustic lenses give a remarkably smooth sound without any additional eq or notch filters needed.


It’s probably Youtube, or just me, but does the flute sound a little strange :wink:?



The ethereal flute is saved for post nap purposes


Who’s the singer in the video clip ?



Is it Lyn Stanley?


Just had a quick listen,sound very good


Plinky plonky S.Korean chanteuse


Austrian Death Machine please.


I didn’t know that the plinkyplonkytron had actually been physically incarnated as an instrument