Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Jeez, three hifi dealers discussing plinky-plonk music. This forum has really gone to the dogs.


I has now got one of these -


Looks good! It would be great to hear what it’s like to use idc


Jealous! :heart_eyes:


I have one they are brilliant.:heart_eyes:


Ok, how much? :roll_eyes:


Does it clean records as well?


I bloody hope so!


How noisy is it Wayne?


You mean ‘how quiet is it?’ :slightly_smiling_face:


Depends on the frequency range of your hearing.




Just the drying fan that makes a noise apparently.

The noise is more the oooohs and ahhhs of jealous colleagues ?



£2.3K, that is not cheap.


They appear to have increased in price quite a lot from when I was looking at them…perhaps they have also added the word “Pro” to the name/model number?

if you go to a show where they are being demo’d you can usually get a discount. Also I saw someone buy the demo one as “ex demo” from a show with a hefty discount.

Mind you that was the only demo I’ve seen where they don’t leak. I have seen these demoed a few times, and all times apart from one I have seen them leak. I did try to ask them a question once about leakage, but they drowned me out by switching on their demo machine.


I think the concept is interesting. I’m guessing if you were doing lots of records 5 min drying times might be a drag?


Well I managed to buy a non leaking unit for c 40% of RRP. Still in shrink wrap etc.

I suppose the 5 min dry times are offset by the fact that it cleans both sides simultaneously?


Obvious, but would be good to know what a difference you find it makes, particularly with new vinyl once you have it up and running…looks a serious bit of kit👍


How’s the new amp?