Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Arrived yesterday morning, so managed to escape the office to set up and have a listen for a couple of hours. Conclusion was that it is the first time I have had a real quality sound in my room. I was able to pay attention to layers and detail in songs, with a real three dimensional soundstage. Not something I’ve had before. No issues with bass, it does seem the amp matches the speakers very well as it provides lots of even handed low level info, not just one note thumps but a rich depth.

Beats to Stevie’s Superstition were addictive, this song often disappoints by sounding flat, so was the proof of the pudding for me.

Simply put I was searching for something that would clearly outperform the Quad 99/909, like switching from 720p to 1080p on a display. That’s what it gives. Everything is clearly better and justifies the spends. Most I have listened to up to £6k have bettered in some areas, but lacked in others.

So a happy ending, got a Denon PMA 2500NE from a local dealer to compare, which has so far proved what the extra investment in the Plinius returns.

Will post some pics when home, wife thinks it’s a brute😬


Not exactly in the system, but what I bought for the hols…

Surprisingly good for a ton


A pair of RFC crossovers for my Tannoys arrived this morning.


Which Luxman is that?


Vasken, it’s an L590ax.


They must have been the ones Paul showed me on Monday as I dropped my H6 off for similar treatment. I hope your pleased with the results?


Serious looking xovers! Which Tannoy drivers are in the cabinets?


First impressions are very good. Straight out of the box it’s clear they’re a step up from the Tannoy crossovers. In fact it’s hard to imagine that they’re going to improve as they get run in. I’ll update in a few days.

I think you’ll be happy with the work he does on your H6s.


They’re Monitor Gold 15s.


Thanks, Luxmans always look just right to me.

Before I bought my speakers, nearly almost always the ones I heard were powered by Luxman amps (can’t remember which), and they all sounded great.
I also know that Verity Audio use Luxman as one of their preferred amps.

Might try out the Luxman 59AX mkII sometime.


a chap was playing this in currys the other night and i thought it sounded good


did you see verity have bought out a new pre amp which they showed off with their lohengrin at rmaf this year ?


For a holiday thing it’s not bad


No, I hadn’t seen that. I’ll take a look.
I know from email conversations with the head of Verity that in addition to Luxman, their other preferred amps are VTL and Nagra.
I know you had a pair of their speakers - Rienzi?, do you still have them?
I have had people round to my place from this parish, and although they have their own they have completely different requirements to the sound that I like, I wouldn’t change my Parsifals.


wow , you have parsifals ? which ones ? now sadly i have been renovating a house and it needed a 84 foot long fence and i am afraid my rienzi had to be sold . the chap has them on ebay now becuase they did not suit with his amps . although i have a temporary pair of proac 125 which are not bad [ especially since they cost 300 quid !!! ] they don`t have the transparency of the verity . emporium have been desparetely trying to sell some veneer damaged parsifals for a while and they are now 4800 . the last pair of leonore took just under 2 years to sell so you have to be extremely careful if you buy them to realise they are with you a long time !!!


Parsifal Ovations.
Second hand but immaculate, and an exceptionally good price, otherwise I could never afford them.
I waited something like 8 years before a pair came up on the market, and it was only thanks to a member on the forum that I knew about them.
Have had them for about 4 years now, and they’re not going anywhere.
Hopefully you’ll get your Rienzis back.


fabulous , i would want some ovations if i bought any more verity . but they are so rare or overpriced its unlikely !!! the rienzi are good though


The Rienzis are very good I think, I’ve heard them at a dealers as well as at home in my system.
Good luck.


be great if select audio exhibited them more but not much chance of that it seems


‘‘be great if select audio exhibited them more but not much chance of that it seems’’

They used to demo them regularly, Anglesound Audio usually looked after the rooms.

As I’ve said before, great speakers, very revealing of whats put in front of them. Heard them sound gobsmackingly awesome through dull and uninteresting in systems put together at Anglesound. Sign of a great speaker!