Amazing what microsurgeons can do these days :slight_smile:


He was quite tall akcherley :rage:


With extremely good eyesight too :slight_smile:


After the second op, I was black/blue from navel to knee. Not tender after 8 days so I was happy to knock one or two out. But it was not pretty to look at.


Was it ever ?




So, just to be clear, both the surgeon’s secretary and the receptionist have first-hand knowledge of the details of your procedure. Do you think he invited them in for a look* while you were under the general ?


*EDIT or maybe to lend a hand ?


Just the one person. I suspect she types up his notes after each procedure etc. and I got the impression there may have been some choice language on the part of the surgeon!



Fucking cunting hyacinth season. Got caught out by a shop that had them inside. But…it seems as though the new drugs might actually be working. Fingers crossed


You can get drugs now to help you cope with difficult women? Where do I sign up?


At the end of the month I’m looking at doing three twenty-odd mile walks on consecutive days. I thought I’d better find out what that was like, especially given that I’ve just got a new pair of orthotics for my boots.

So I did 24 miles yesterday. It turned out OK except for an inch long blister on the outer edge of my right heel exactly where the skin turns under the foot. Given that the main purpose of the new orthotics is to shift load away from the sesamoid complex in each foot and (therefore) towards the heel this didn’t come as a surprise. I slapped a Compeed on and gritted my teeth this morning.

After 23 miles today the result isn’t pretty.

The blister has spread out from under the Compeed and extended itself up the outside of the foot making the return part of the walk pretty painful. An additional blister between the little toe and its neighbour and a bleed under the big toenail on the other foot didn’t help. I guess I just need to grow some calluses …



Rub your feet with surgical spirit for a few days and then a thin pair of socks under thicker walking ones helps prevent blisters.

Still doesn’t get around the root cause that blisters are caused by incorrect foot strike but you are working on that already.

Also stock up with comfrey cream for your shins if you are walking long distances.


I did try surgical spirit once before (when the blisters were at the front of my feet) and found it didn’t seem to make much difference. I was in ‘1000-Mile’ sock-plus-liner socks yesterday but to be honest I think the damage was done on Monday when I was just in woollen walking socks. Yesterday’s spread was probably just that - an existing problem spreading. It doesn’t hurt too much this morning but the left big toenail is giving me some gyp …



I have never found those 1000 mile socks-plus-liner to be very good - don’t seem prevent my occasional blisters on longer walks.


The blistering suggests you’re still over-pronating left, or perhaps needing to slightly favour the right foot for balance.

Sometimes returning the orthotic for chamfering helps.
Padding usually doesn’t.


My trouble in the past has always been at the diagonally opposite point on my feet (the sesamoid complex). My first set of orthotics helped somewhat but didn’t fix the sesamoid problem completely. So these ones were made to shift the load even further. I fear that the right foot one may now have gone a tad too far given that I’m also feeling impact bruising on the underside of my right heel. But it could be that the load simply has to go somewhere and that the balance is now about right with the stress only appearing where it does because those parts of my foot have not been toughened up in the way that, over the years, the sesamoid has.

The history of damage to both my ankles (fracture to the left, sprain to the right) means that maintaning balance, especially in the current slippery conditions, is a constant battle with low-level pain. In fact my left ankle is generally better at it, as long as the path allows.

I do have an appointment early in April to get these orthotics reviewed. Unfortunately (for me) my podiatrist seems to be spending most of March on holiday in Italy. So these will have to get me through this month’s walk as they are.



A car and an all terrain fwd mobility scooter would solve your problems. No blisters on your feet, probably an inguinal hernia, but no blisters on your feet. :smiley:


Good to see someone with insight into what their devices are trying to achieve. Progress lies this way.
Often with much tinkering.

I’m sure you know that you shouldn’t repeat this damage (much), so this is the month to ease back.


Why is your little toe bigger than your big toe…

…and while I’m at it - where’s the other three gone!!! :thinking: