Hope all goes well John.


Good luck John


Fingers crossed for you.


Best of luck Jon.


Any news Jon? What are French nurses like? Trés jolie, or trés laid?


I’m doing alright on the whole, apparently I looked pretty rough straight after surgery and they put a lot of fluids in (something like 3l in an hour), but I was also sweaty as anything at that point.

First day with taking tiny sips of water was pretty unpleasant, a lot of nausea, burping and hiccuping, but switching round some of the pain and nausea meds made things a lot better. My drip stand now just has some glucose solution and some paracetamol in it, and I should be fine to go home tomorrow.

Been knackered and sleeping a lot, but I suspect that’s pretty normal post surgery. Woke up a lot in the night as every time I moved it seemed to tweak where the IV runs into my wrist which hurt enough to wake me up. Haven’t been for a shit in the best part of 3 days now, which is weird as hell for me. As I’ve now started taking on some level of solids (fruit puree and vegetable soup) I suspect that won’t last much longer.


Glad you got through the surgery, no heroics now, lay back and do fuck all for as long as possible :grinning:
Wishing you a fast healing :+1:




Belle de loin mais loin d’être belle, malheuresment.

Just like here…


Hurry up and have a crap Jon. The signal for going home time after abdominal surgery is a good old fashioned clear-out.

Good to hear you are on the mend though.


Pix or it didn’t…on second thoughts :flushed:


Crap done, no pics taken. I’ll make a note for next time to get snappy.


And I’m out. There’s a bit of a heatwave going on (currently 35C) and I’m wearing compression stockings. What larks.


Good that you’re out :smiley: but really don’t need to see pictures of you in compression stockings; uh uh, no sir.


Glad you’re out Jon, hope you’re wearing sandals with the stockings.


But they complete the ensemble with the hospital issue bonnet.


Suspender belt or hold ups? :wink:


Good to hear you are out Jon. Try and move about a bit, even though it might be uncomfortable, it will make your recovery easier in the next few days. The stockings are a pain in the arse, but less annoying than a blood clot.


Had the stitches out this morning, so I can finally, finally have a cold shower and cool off in this god-forsaken heat.

Have had to do my own anti-coagulant injections the last few days as the Wench has an eye infection and really cannot see all that well without her contacts in. There’s something inherently weird about sticking a needle into ones own flesh, that’s for sure (and yes I know diabetics do it daily).


True. But these days diabetics use absolutely tiny needles - mine are 0.25mm dia x 4mm long. (This means the insulin goes into the subcutaneous fat, not into the flesh. The pro is that injection into the fat hurts less. The cons are that it needs a bit more insulin and that there’s a slightly higher risk of it leaking back out through the injection hole, but these are both manageable.) Unfortunately heparin needs to go into the flesh, and over quite a large area. So you have to use a bigger needle.