It’s still a subcutaneous injection, I just have to pinch a lump of leg fat (not exactly a challenge on my frame) and inject into that.

Not sure on the bore of the needle, will have to look at the packet and see if it says.


Is this Dave doing some pre-Ikea work?


He looks coerced


Swedish meatball pee?


Nah, cheap hot dog wee :nerd_face:


Pain everywhere, itching, blotches that will turn into blisters, such fatigue. Thank fuck for Wimbledon.


No. That is not me. To young.


I didn’t think it was. My son has seen you in the Ikea ad & had found that pic & thought it was you. I thought the eyes didn’t look like yours (even without the tomatoes!).


Jeez Adam, it must be bad if Wimbledon is relief. Sorry to hear it’s acting up. Hang on in there.



Currently at St Thomas’s for a consultant appointment. It’s been over two years since I was last here, when I was in for a fortnight. It’s rather odd, returning.


[note - just twigged that I’ve replied to this based on your comment that it’s rather odd returning, and hastily assumed that the hospital have called you back in, whereas you may have another referral, in which case, as you were and ignore my tetchy comments about consultant follow ups!]

Without knowing your medical history and the precise nature of the episode, so putting these to one side, generic follow up appointments can be such a waste of time and resource. As hospitals funding has come under pressure I see a lot of these where you scratch your head and call bullshit on the consultant needing to bring you back. Much of the content of this could be covered by a phone call, if indeed it was actually necessary.

That said, fingers crossed and hope it’s all routine.


What’s routine is that they’re half an hour late so far!

It’s all routine, I see consultants in four departments, lucky me! Plus my GP for a chat. It’s mostly at Guy’s, this is my first time back at St Thomas’s, hence the weirdness.


This is always the case if you are running to schedule. Get caught in a traffic jam, or lost in a maze of corridors, and you invariably find that the appointment began on the dot.



At my doctor’s surgery, they will cancel your appointment if you’re more than five minutes late, but generally, once you’ve signed in, you’re waiting for at least 30-45 minutes before being called in to the doctor.

Last time I went, I got there five minutes early but there was a big queue at the receptionist’s desk. By the time I got to the head of the queue, it was eight minutes after my appointment time and the bitch receptionist says in a loud voice “YOU’RE LATE” :roll_eyes:


Doctors’ receptionists go to a special training school for that kind of service


Yeah, too true. The cunt at our doctor’s graduated with a first :unamused:


You’ve just reminded me that it’s 2 years since I picked my Mum up from there following some major surgery and a very worrying time. The outcome since has been the best possible, fortunately. I hope it turns out to be so for you too.


They have a touch screen on the wall in my doctors now. Avoids almost all interaction with the receptionist, thankfully.


We are extremely fortunate, in that our doctors surgery is excellent, as well as our NHS dentist.
Always excellent service, polite, helpful.


I am extremely fortunate that I haven’t had to see the shower that call themselves a medical centre :roll_eyes: for some time, long may it continue as my last visit resulted in a formal complaint.