There’s [quote=“Rob998, post:419, topic:235, full:true”]
To be fair she didn’t do any major jumping or anything too energetic really, just sort of prowling around.

Quite fancy another one, but there are 3 spiderphobic females in my house, plus a dog that will eat absolutely anything apart from celery, so I’m not allowed.

There’s your spider’s name right there


They move quickly, this is Sefton Park earlier today…


Bird eating spider


Clearly not. That young lady would have sunburned legs in the blazing tropical heat of L17/18 today. More photoshopping.

It does look a bit like Runcorn given the rubbish road surface on display…


Pah - this was trying to stare me out through my living room window just yesterday.


The cold that the kids and wife had has clearly mutated into a considerably more virulent form prior to transmission to me :sneezing_face: :tired_face:


MAN UP! you tart :roll_eyes:




Haven’t really had much choice

Extra garlicky salsa and guacamole with chilli tonight should sort the fucked out




Cunting ears totally cunting blocked :rage:




Got home from Abredeen R.I. this evening. Lou has to go back next week for an angiogram and some other tests which means we will be there for two nights. The overall prognosis is that she will be having open heart surgery again, as expected. Mitral valve needs replacing and the tricuspid valve needs major repairs too, so that will be done at the same, with maybe some other work.

It’s a major op, with significant risks attached, but we have no choice. They expect to be able to operate around Christmas, or shortly after, so it’s not too long to wait.

So tomorrow’s job is to arrange flights, hotels, dog minder etc. for next week.


Fingers crossed mate, best wishes to Lou


Hope everything goes well Paul. Must be a bloody worrying time for both of you, more best wishes to Lou from me.


Sorry to hear that Paul.

I’m sure she’ll soon be sorted and back on top form.


Very best wishes to you both Paul. I’d offer to help, but they’re not my type of valves I’m afraid. There is a plumber hanging about here somewhere I think but with the panto season coming up I’m not sure what his availability will be. You may have to make do with one of those highly trained surgeon chappies/lasses.



Best wishes Paul. Lou will be in safe hands during her stay in Aberdeen ( “furry-boot town” as us lowlanders used to know it as).


Best wishes to you both, hope all goes well and they can do a long-term fix.


All my very best wishes for the next few months for you and Lou.