Dis ^^




@pmac Cloudy today so they’re unnecessary :slight_smile:
At 3pm and i’m officially done with them anyway.

I don’t normally post personal info on forums, but just maybe this story might prompt someone else to go for an overdue eye test.



Good news all went well - I had referral via an optician for an issue a few years back and had those eye drops I got home by public transport and had some walking to do on a sunny day - I had two pairs of normal sunglasses, it helped but I really needed wraparound ones. Uncomfortable but of course worth it.


Wow! Sorry to hear that, but glad the spotted it and were able to treat it.


Great that you got it sorted Graham :+1:

And you had a day in L’pool…every cloud has a silver lining :grin:


Sorry to read all this Graham, pretty scary!! I hope you are able to relax a bit today.


Wow. You weren’t kidding when you said killer sunglasses!




Left eye aswell :smile:

I need to 'shop that into my photo


It can occur naturally too, of course