Slaughterman SOS - Another car thread


Looks like you get a free kid in the back of the cab as well


gang master


Seems reasonable. Pete’s paid more than that for one made of Lego.




My Mazda 6 estate has never had a problem in 13 years. My next car will probably be the new (from 2013 or 14 I think) skyactive petrol estate sport, which does 50mpg combined cycle, 60 on a run, and 0-60 in an “adequate” sub 10s. You can pick them up for £10k or so. This is their top model, so it comes loaded with all the gadgets. An equivalent BMW or Merc will be twice the price.


Yet we always seem to go in Pete’s car. :grinning:


I’ve got kids. You really don’t want to get into the back seat…


Luxury :heart_eyes:
Check out the specs.



if you want reliable avoid modern diesels - never had much luck with one and i’ve had plenty worst were poogeot V6 and volkswanken PD engines which needed mega bucks spending to keep them running.
If you want a reliable diesel go for something pre mid 90’s with a bosch fuel pump or similar none of this high pressure nonsense, a merc 300d estate will accelerate slower than continental drift but outlast your grandchildren if you can keep finding parts. My shitroen BX had a raft of hydrospastic suspension issues but the engine was bombproof.
Other than that go hybrid, modern stop start driving means they are reliable as hell, batteries easily last 10 years and longer and mpg although not diesel high is better than most petrols (in the real world, yes your 1.0 liter 3 cylinder fiesta will alegedly get 50mpg but will really get 30 on a motorway run)

Look at a prius+ that’ll fit your tannoys.


Subaru Outback, just got an 2006 2.5 petrol. Lovely to drive and 37mpg on a run. Not great but 4x4 automatic Im happy with that.


Have no idea if they are any good,but would tick most of the boxes i’d of thought


Huh, I’ve never been in Pete’s car…:unamused:


You have a reputation as a Porsche breaker.


I have a 2013 sky active diesel 6. Normal driving it does 44mpg average, granny it on the mortoway at 60mph and concentrate on economy else where its best to date has been 58mpg from a tank and that was hard work (all calculated not indicated).
Id be amazed if the petrol manages more than 40 combined unless you really drive for economy.

That said 56k and its been faultless so far…

Edit…Just looked, after 65 tanks of fuel the long term mpg is 43.2 - 70% mortorway driving.


The three litre is different gravy. Mine has averaged 44mpg.

Best car I have owned.


Does it have self immolating ‘swirl flaps’?


Well, mine hasn’t but I cannot speak for others.


The 320d F30 will average 54mpg…and no swirl flaps


A Seat Leon ST Ecomotive will give you an average of 60-70mpg. It is the best car.