Slaughterman SOS - Another car thread



SUV’s are the future,especially with a bad back,nice and easy to load to.


That is very good. I would like a car for driving to work that does 60+ mpg at 70mph.


Stop fucking about and buy a Berlingo.


Jebus, has it come to this?


High performance, stylish, comfortable, economical, large load space and chicks dig em.


Enough about you dearest, what car should I buy ?


Mrs Rob has a '63 Ford S-Max 2L turbo diesel. It’s adequate. The Titanium models are quite nice inside and the Vignale is really nice.

We test drove a Zafira before the Ford and it was pants, wanted to wander all over the road, a disgrace to any Astra heritage it has.The S-Max drives quite nicely for a people carrier, has a decent load area and in 4 years hasn’t had a problem. It ate it’s first set of tyres fairly quickly, but we had the tracking done properly for the second set, and they’re still fine.


Don’t forget you can also earn more than the Sultan of Brunei if you use it for a flooring business :+1:



You can get all your kit in it, record fairs it will take in its stride and you can Uber it to make money on every trip you take, bargain.


‘Flooring business’ will be the name of Mr. MWS’s Funzie brothel. Embracing Nordic minimalist tradition this incredible ‘hot bed with no beds’ will specialize in carpet burns and laminate chaffing.


Just as long as there are no bloody splinters.



No wood here (sic)

You will only get heather burns.

(She lives near Funzie and would make a suitable Madam)


Liked him on the Krypton factor


Don’t forget the penalties that are sure to be dumped on diesels. :grimacing:


how about a nice skoda yeti , they are extremely practical and well built and s/h you can get them under 10k . i drive past one at dealers sometime


The finest basis upon which to recommend a car :+1:

Or an unintended insight into Phil’s hedonism?


This. I fear that life for them is going to get ever more difficult.



This is for sale just around the corner from me, all the car you would ever need… :heart_eyes:


I would certainly expect that the tax on fuel would hit diesel harder than petrol over the next five years. There may also be an adjustment on road tax or other penalties, but that strikes me as less likely, as it’s a retrospective hit.

I don’t really understand why our government isn’t hitting the car companies that fraudulently fixed emissions - Germany is, and they’re German companies! But that’s another discussion…