Smart Home shenanigans


Frequently, the fire is rated at 9kw A couple of hours of that and the whole house is toasty. Any more and it becomes too hot.


That’s how it is without electricity.


Fancy taking a chance on sticking your fingers in our distribution board?


I have a NEST controller because it is easy to use. Other than that, heating on when SWMBO demands it and otherwise off.

If I kitted out the house with a full on control system I suspect I would have to live there for a frickin millennium for pay back to happen. Just a richer person’s play thing.


I desperately want a full house system, with individual controls on each radiator, that would rock. Instead I have a single thermostat that keeps the entire house at the perfect temperature. It’s really annoying.


our system is so ancient it is simple on/off system.

House is a well insulated terrace, we pretty much only need to use the heating between Nov and March. Even then it is only about 3 to 4 hours a day


That’s what we had Simon. Only the bathroom project prompted the boiler change and as we previously didn’t have any kind of thermostat I thought I’d treat myself to a gadget.


Since installing HIVE I’ve saved £2500 in one year


Have you been selling the honey? :thinking:


The heating is bust


My gas and electricity combined is well under that!


We pay £83 per month DD for combined gas and leccy.

We usually get back about £750 a year for solar generated leccy.

So solar generation nearly covers all energy costs.