Submitted without comment (phoenix edition)





Snap showing a trace of snow still visible on the western slopes of the Chilterns. Taken from the top of Wittenham Clumps, looking more-or-less your way Terry, a couple of hours ago (New Year’s resolution to go for a walk twice a week still holding up !).



Yeah, we are pretty much at the base of that slope (about 1/3 across from the left of frame). We got about an inch of cover yesterday afternoon. Crunchy when I got home this morning. But hardly life threatening.


Pretty horrendous here at lunchtime.


Were they the ones you fell down then?


Luckily i went to work equipped,so no tumbles for me;


Did you fix them to the bottom of the Astra?


No,wore them to work,
Nightmare using the pedals though.



List of artists banned from the USSR in 85.

Totally understand why that Death Metalist Julio Iglesais was not allowed in.Also the mega violent village people.





Pretty shit that they banned the Strangers but would have let The Stranglers in


The BBC banned Blondie’s Atomic along with a hundred or so other songs during the gulf war. I have no doubt that songs are still censored depending on the prevailing conditions.


The roasters are now tested and commissioned. For the first time since I started the project last July, the Costa coffees are now free :heart_eyes:

I can confirm they taste soooo much better than the ones that cost £2/3 quid a pop :grin:


Got a sack full for home testing?


Are the Stodges the prog version of the Stooges?