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To be fair, I wouldn’t have had a fucking clue who Nick Cave (or whoever his equivalent was) at that lad’s age.


It was posted to the Mute Twitter feed!


Wassat? As in the label?


Nick Cave’s record label…


I wish I didn’t know who Nick Cave was :unamused:


So did I :grinning:



Not sure I agree with No.10 as the Audio Note E,J and K series are all much bigger than standmount but smaller than floorstanders.

  1. Floorstanding speakers that are too large for bookshelves, yet so small that you have to bend over to orient the tweeter at ear level.

This point is pretty much self-explanatory. If a speaker is too small to be a floorstander than it should be a bookshelf. A floorstanding speaker shouldn’t require stands to position the tweeter at ear level.


They are all stand mounts, no?


I thought they might be having a shot a things like ATC 50 and 100s or the really fugly PMCs that all rest on short stand but require a hernia to get into place…


That and the cheap floor Stander’s that are made short to reduce volumetric shipping costs and save money on construction.


I always found PMC standmounts not as heavy as they look, as an ex-owner of AB2’s for many years. Shouldn’t have sold them, along with the Sonus Faber Extrema’s.








I’ve got 2. Velvet Underground and Nico, and Charlie Mingus - Oh Yeah. Never even heard of a few of those selections.


LOL, exact same two I have too Rob.


Five here :grinning:

Banana Moon — Daevid Allen
The 5000 Spirits of the Layers of the Onion — The Incredible String Band
The Madcap Laughs — Syd Barrett
Oh Yeah — Charles Mingus
Le Sacre du Printemps — Igor Stravinsky