Summer BBQ Saturday 15th July


After 3 hours slaving over a hot bbq, the flipmeister relaxes

Graham and chelseadave, without tomatoes…


Don’t see any pics of @Wankah

Didn’t he make it?


Think his 300b is at a crucial stage so he couldn’t make it.


What stage is that? Getting a valuation of the parts from the Antiques Roadshow?


That will be the input stage.
So far there hasn’t been any


Just arrived back to the sea air of the East Sussex coast.

Many, many thanks to Jim and family for putting on a good spread of dead animals - lovely.

And to Coco for chef duties.

I was predisposed to enjoy the system as I’m another old horny git.

Good to chat with a few of you.

Cheers Jim


He was doing errands for somebody unimportant.


Thanks Jim and family for another enjoyable summer BBQ. Good to meet up with everyone again. Coco did a great job cooking up an endless supply of meat offerings.

A big thanks to Pete (cobbler) for driving.


Thanks to Jim and family for looking after so well. Thus was my first visit to Jim’s so I spent most of the day listening to his great system. Sounded damn good at the start of the day but the introduction of the coco supremo phono stage took things up another couple of notches.

Great to meet up with old and new.

Special mention to Pete for his sterling work on the bbq :+1:

Looking forward to hearing the coco san silver phono stage next time.


Big thanks to Jim and family for hosting everyone and to coco for cooking the bbq and the chilli.
A very relaxed afternoon, (with considerable car oriented chat and discussion).

Jim’s hifi playing the Kraftwerk 3D album sounded sublime, arguably the most well sorted domestic hifi I’ve heard. Talk about tight, very impressive.


Many thanks again Jim - it was a really lovely day ! And to Pete too for his sterling cuisine (one Carolina Reaper was just right, although I was surprised how many folks took theirs out to eat in the garden - as if the light breeze would have helped any :slightly_smiling_face:). Thanks also to all the other food providers. I won’t need to eat tomorrow …



Thanks Jim and family for hosting another great bake off. And to coco for manning the bbq.


Gutted to have missed this. Looks like you all had a good time, and no animals were spared from being cooked during the event :+1:


Thanks Jim for a great Bake off and Pete for the BBQ and Chilli (Jesus!). System sounded amazing and good to see old and new again. Cannot wait to hear the Coco San in 2 months time. :nerd_face:


Thanks to Jim, and family, for looking after so well, as always.
Pietr was fantastic, as grill master, and Jim’s butcher, did himself proud, with great meats.
Plenty of cakes and assorted sweets, so well looked after.
System was really enhanced with the CoCoSan creation.
Good to see everyone, and it was great to see Dan again, as a late arrival.


Yep, it was great :ok_hand:

Thanks to everyone for coming and especially those who bought stuff - cakes, wine and chocs for Ann, all very much appreciated.

Special thanks to Pete for taking charge of the bbq and as usual, fetching along the epic chilli. It was a meat lovers’ delight with a wonderful depth of flavour. As mentioned though, twas a bit hot! “Only one chilli in it” says he, what he didn’t mention was the “one chilli” was 2 million scovilles!! :flushed::laughing::laughing:

A great selection of music being played - including folk and jazz which normally don’t get too much of an airing in my front room. The BTJ really does add an extra dimension to my set-up. Can’t wait until mine arrives! :star_struck:


Thanks Jim and family for a great do. BBQ as fantastic and then the epic Coco chilli.


Thanks Jim and family for a great time !! Also thanks to the attendees for making me welcome !
Jims Kronos coupled with the Coco phono was just WOW…


Just got back home.
My 1st bakeoff at Jim’s was as memorable as others had made it out to be.
There was ample food, all extremely well prepped. Special thanks to Pete who spent his time chained to the bbq; and not a bad thing at all, as what he turned out was just perfect.
It was great seeing familiar faces but equally pleasing meeting new people.
Music? There was music? :grinning:
A lovely day.
Many thanks to Jim and his family.


Nifty new BBQ Jim.

Liking the easy wipe top plate but doesn’t a fair bit of fat drip inside?