Sunday 5th August - Derbyshire Toblerone Fest


Hello, I’m having a little afternoon/early evening soiree on Sunday 5th August.

11 - 7pm

14 bodies maximum I think give or take.

We will feed you something from our imagination, bring things comestible if you wish :wink:

LOCATION: Swanwick, Alfreton, Derbyshire, just off J28 of the M1 motorway.



Runners & riders:

  1. Tim & Kate
  2. Craig
  3. Paul ‘no friends Maverick’ & pies…
  4. belloire - Darren
  5. Mark
  6. Micky
  7. Steve
  8. Colin.
  9. Bob
  10. Lee
  11. mmichbam - Mick
  12. Ian
  13. Dean

Well that’s 14…

Subs bench now otherwise we won’t be able to move :slight_smile:

  1. My very own Dad, heheheheheheehe…
  2. Shipbastid Steve under the bench with Dad :scream_cat:
  3. Woofer
  4. Thickcables
  5. Rick.


We are in


Yes, please, MATE.

Shall I bring something with a Sony logo on it?


and me mate please :birthday:
any room for a newbie?

we can bring pies, the really nice Broster’s ones


If you must :wink:



did he say pies, yes please


Please Rob





save a bit of space for me


Yes please Rob.


Mark is gigging that day in Suffolk so will be billy no mates, but who will carry the pies?


Yes please, if you have space.


13 and counting…roll up roll up, a subs bench is coming along very shortly :slight_smile:



Put me down for this please.


Subs bench now.


I’ll hide (with all the toblerones) under the subs bench


Puts own Dad on subs bench.



I have one night off and…
Dave, are you ok with me joining you under the table?
I won’t eat many pyramid based chocolate treats, honest.


Vintage Stilton & Pork Pie, does that squeeze me in?


Tis’ only a humble abode i’m afraid, I can fit 7 in front of the speakers at one time, the rest in the kitchen or under the ‘smoking pavilion’ in the back ‘garden’.

I’ll pop you on the subs bench, I have to stop somewhere otherwise Donna will go mad :scream_cat: