Tales from the Ginnel


It was payment for a job I did, but the fella got it from Classic Tools. Have used them before, very good to deal with. With most LN planes you also get the choice of A2 or 01 steel. The 01 can take a keener edge but won’t last as long. All my LN planes have been excellent out of the box.


Must have been a canny job to get that in payment :wink:

I’ve bought from Classic tools myself, although I use Axminster or Rutlands usually.


it cost me two Bhudist prayer cabs, luckily I could use timber left over from other jobs so being paid in tools prevents the money being spent on frivolities such as curtains or a patio :slight_smile:


More tools purchased;

A 90 year + old 1 1/4" Firmer chisel by Stormont of Sheffeild. Made from cast steel, yet to find a steel to beat this stuff. even found the chisel in an old catalogue, No131 for 23 shillings:)

Might have been from an earlier catalogue as I think cast steel as a process dried up nearer the turn of the century. Certainly looks like it would have had an octagon handle originally.

An old original Stanley 4 1/2 plane, made in USA. certainly better quality than the UK varients and this size is rapidly becoming a go to plane for me. This one is a Type 14 made in 1929-1930.

Finally a Frame Saw, just ordered up a couple of new blades for it, lovely thing.


Couldn’t agree more about old cast steel blades. I’ve bought four plane blades recently and sharpened one today. Razor sharp and they hold it.

The others are waiting to be sharpened

At about £12 each, they are also incredible value.


Must bag myself some plane iron if you’ve left any :grinning:

Plinth porn in the mean time


Hubbahubbahubba!! :heart:


Sycamore and Bog Oak, for me this time, about time too.


Needs chrome.


Tut, Cheshire :rolling_eyes:


That would be chrome and onyx :heart_eyes:


Troo dat :tired_face:


No wonder they are nearly extinct.


Is it going to have a chrome top plate? I have a nice Manticor Musician arm (chrome of course) that would look great on a chrome top plate TT.


Marble and rose gold for Bob. The winningest Cheshire combo.


Not a massive fan of rose gold, prefer chrome. I like the white marble with bright blue streaks through it though.

I have a gold plated arm (Helius Orion II someone had plated) and a part gold one (Audiomods Micrometer IV), but most arms are boring black or silver. Maybe I should have the Oxford Acoustics Crystal Reference chromed. :joy:


Here you go Bob: http://www.pinkfishmedia.net/forum/showthread.php?t=202579

It’d be right lovely Cheshire with the Helius…:grinning:


Pomela Sapele plinth underway.


Chrome inlays?


I’ll do a Cheshire version one day:)