Terminal Investments


What is the optimal coke:hooker ratio, please? I need it for some calculations.


1:1 by weight


Thanks. I’m going to need more hookers then. :sneezing_face:


Get really really cheap ones to make it economical

Don’t skimp on the coke


We scraped under the 60% LTV just in time to remortgage last month. Got a 5yr fixed at a rate that was unimaginable when we bought our first place.
I would like to be free of it by 55 and have a basic plan (based on good health) to achieve it.


47 and paid off the mortgage last week but have absolutely no private pension so will need to keep working, or at least earning a crust, for the next 10 years or so.
Hopefully todays accumulator at Goodwood will bring forward my retirement.


I’m not sure that I aspire to the lifestyle of most wild animals. Your uncle might have added that even if they carry on working they’re still quite likely to die before they reach their body’s age limit.



Live fast… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sure I remember my mum saying that the GP had told her that for those generations they disregarded heart attacks unless it happened <60 or 55 since life expectancy was lower, smoking diet etc… were worse

The walking you do won’t hurt!

By the time I retire I will have had asthma and been on long term medication for a similar length of time. What can you do? manage your disease as best you can, stay as fit/healthy as possible and it increases the likelihood you’ll have a decent quality of life in old age.

We try to strike a balance between putting money away in savings/pension, enjoying life now and giving the kids enjoyable experiences growing up. I’m sure many people would question the balance we choose, but we’re comfortable with it. I’ll let future NAM worry about that shit.


Yep, I have an offset - in fact it’s an all-in-one bank account incl the mortgage. Current rate is 3.9%. I would like to go for a lower fixed rate mortgage but my age and medical profile is a show stopper. :frowning_face:


Well, cant do this job at this intensity for the next 15-20 years otherwise I’ll not make it to collect my bloody pension (one option!).

I’ve been paying down mortgages on two properties so very little left, with the likelihood they will both be sold an we’ll move into our final home in the next 2-3 years.

I’ve got a BMW pension which is frozen, plus a SIPP I’ve had for over ten years, latterly I’ve been shoving the annual max in it every year.

Although I’d like to step down how much of what I do at the moment, i don’t want to stop working and would like to do some non Exec board work, and give more time to charity/ campaigning etc.


I Don’t have any retirement plans. My old man died at 39. I was diagnosed with the same problem at 40 and was offered the choice of registering disabled. Thought fuck that, eventually had two children and am still confounding my doc twelve years later. Hoping to last until the kids are adults :grinning:


My astra is my pension


I plan to sell muffins. If i sell one every couple of years I’ll be right


You must be minted if you can afford to make them.


At 43 Mr. MWS looks to the great cultures of the East. Here it is common place for offspring to look after the elderly. To this end Fruit of loin 1 is now also known as ‘pension boy’.
In terms of work Mr. MWS does very little currently and there seems little point in retiring from that. It occurs to me there are only two times in life where the individual gets to truly run amok, namely: The formative years where society kindly suggests ‘He’ll grow out of it’ and the golden years where again society politely gestures ‘he’s getting on a bit’ With these facts established Mr. MWS will be submitting himself for a penis extension on his 70th birthday before moving to California to cut his swathe in the porn industry.


Old Farts Young Tarts :roll_eyes:

You need to go fishing :+1:


Owning and running transport, own place (no loans), holiday’s, new clothes, eating out at least once a week, parties, visiting mates / family, being able to do your hobbies, not having to worry about bills like utilities, supporting your family if needed etc…


Norfolk ?

Or Redcar even, where it seems that when a man realises his time has come he sets out alone in a boat, presumably expecting to join his comrades in Valhalla



Admittedly wanking under canvas on a damp February morning has it’s appeal however I will stick with plan A. This is based on speaking to a number of elderly people who, when asked if they had any regrets answered unanimously ‘I wish I had more sex’ - I in no way opt for this reality.