Terminal Investments


Kondo M7 :smile:


Charlie Drake seems to have done well for himself…


Mr Poo…


I am 69, house paid for, and a very small pension, for both my wife and I, with a small emergency fund.
We live comfortably, but keep an eye on things, and don’t do a lot.
Happy and healthy, which are the two important things.


Turned 50 this year. At that stage where I wish I had a final salary pension scheme.


Final salary schemes should all be banned.


You should start charging for brownies :+1:



Another of life’s cuntish twists is that we do not know when we are going to die and therefor how / when to spend one’s filthy lucre. I intend to spend everything during my ‘pornstar period’ reserving sufficient funds for a a satchel full of narcotics and enough further monies for a week with x10 highly skilled nymphomaniacs - If this doesn’t kill me I will be provided bread and board either in penitentiary or insane asylum. Mr. MWS will finally get some or die trying!


A true craftsman :+1: Keep the tradition going, do your children show any interest in tailoring?
My nephew was down at the weekend and while out with him and my girls we passed Toye Kenning and Spencer ( my mum was a gold wire embroider there some fifty years ago) and popped in to show them where Granny once worked. Not only did the manager (an absolute diamond bloke) look up her personnel file but he also took us round to the Masonic hall in Gt Queen St and showed us some of my mums work. She was made up when my Nephew returned to the North with tales of seeing her embroidery work. I bet ex Primark employees are not remembered like that.


Retired last year at 58. Not overly flush with money now, but that is more than offset by exiting the rat race and improving our quality of life manyfold!

No regrets whatsoever. I might not be able to impulse buy another turntable that takes my fancy, but I just have to step out of the front door to realise that I am in the happiest phase of my life right now.


Pouring of rain so I can’t get in the garden. Like a complete tosser I read this thread through. I have a fucking headache now.

I think I might just sit in the rain. It would be a lot more interesting :rofl:


But you did read it, and didn’t sit in the rain.


My dog more than makes up for your dog, never sits still.


Yup. That’s why I declared myself a complete tosser. Might have to take a well aimed CP as well.


I’ll have an acceptable private pension; we’ll be fine if we downsize house. I’ll probably get an inheritance from my folks, which will mean we might not have to - unless the kids need deposits for their places!

I’ve just remortgaged for a 10 year fix at 2.49%. I’m hoping to make small overpayments so that we’ll have paid it off by then. We’ll see.


It’s good to have a plan, but it’s good to remember that it doesn’t necessarily have to be cast in stone.

I had a plan to go at 60, but had an opportunity to buy somewhere reasonably priced and within my means 3 years prior to that milestone. It was initially intended as a holiday home for us, but after the second visit we realised that we just wanted to be there, so with slight adjustments to our plans, we went for it.

You only live once, make the most of it. I think it was John Lennon who said ‘Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans’

So true.


If only it were that straight forward


And a couple of grand on an espresso machine is mad :grinning: I like your world.


Glad you agree with me.


Paid off the mortgage 10 years ago and a timely redundancy package and occupational pensions (including the hated final salary pension !) let me get out of the rat race 18 months ago at the age of 60, thank God. Mrs k retired before. We certainly dont have “riches beyond the dreams of avarice” but equally I don’t have to pinch and scrape for my new vinyl !