The courtesy car review thread


There are 2 where I work as company cars, both drives agree that they’re shit. Low 30s mpg at very best. The small petrol tank means stopping every 250 miles to fill up.


My MD has one and thinks it the best thing since sliced bread, but i’m not saying anything else…


Maybe there’s a driving profile where they do work, but I’m very sceptical.


IIRC the battery has a 25mile range so if you’re only doing short runs that require a massive 4x4 then it could work.


My boss has one - she loves the fact that she pays less tax on it than I do on the nazi scheissewagen :frowning_face:


Yes, they are a good tax wheeze, but she must be paying that back through fuel, unless she’s doing 4000 miles a year?


She doesn’t do a big mileage, and a lot of it is business mileage paid for by the company.

Outlander PHEV - £118 /month @40%
Scheissewagen - £263 /month @40%


One of the managers at the Roastery had an Outlander PHEV. He was always banging on about how good it was, especially the consumption. Feckin pork pie merchant …:smirk: (I didn’t like him btw - smarmy cunt)


Is that the tax on the silver A3 saloon thing?


It’s the tax plus the cost of a couple of extras! I think tak on it’s own is about £215.


OK, even so £215 for an A3 stings.
Im out of touch with company car tax. When i got rid of my 320 5yrs ago that was costing £160 month which i begrudged paying.


This. Combine this with the huge differences in tax and you have a completely broken system that will be the new dieselgate in five years.

Comedy aside: on the school run I parked in the spot next to the charging point a few days ago. There was a PHEV SUV in the charging bay, engine idling, guy on phone, car not plugged in. When I got back from dropping the kids off he was still there, engine idling. When I came out of Waitrose with my free coffee, same. I have no idea how he managed it, as surely the engine should have turned off, but he managed to burn fuel for over half an hour instead of charging. But it’s fine, he has a PHEV and they’re great for the environment…


Seat Leon is the best car.

The ST Ecomotive being the one to choose.


My Merc company car was around £300 per month in tax, I was getting 65+mpg on most motorway journeys though. Was a really bad choice tax wise but a great car to drive.