The crotch rocket thread


you getting one Jim?


Much as I’d love to…:pensive:


For 68k I bet they could mod the seat to suit folks who are a bit tender.



@Jim would have to get some lederhosen for those.


The tank would have to be reduced in height by about 200mm for me :grin:


Boasting again Jim :grin:


I am struggling to get that image out of my head…


Many moons ago I nearly bought one of these:

But thought I would kill myself so bought a new car instead…


Ah, the bike that saved Ducati. :heart_eyes:

Should have done it Rob, they’re great bikes, and the original Monsters, like that one, are starting to appreciate.


Test rode a beemer 1000rr earlier, nice but I’ll keep my zx10.


The Monster came along a few years later, - it was the 851 which really saved their bacon.

I had one like this - an 851 SP2


Several surprises from the “new” British manufacturer.

:flushed: Just seen the article is from 2013. Did anything become of them?


That is uglier than my anus.


Got it home Friday, had a little ride out Sunday, lovely.