The impotent & sometimes musical musings of Mr. MWS pt2


Bottom end is a bit muffled


Yes. I was surprised. Mind you they’re all at it now with the double entendres :scream:. Like flies to the honeypot…:smirk:


Well, if you shit in a bucket you can expect fly action.

And while we’re at it, the forum can have one…

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Fuck off


Is this for me? Why thanks…:heart_eyes:


Read it again mate :wink:


That minge really ties the room together.


Those rugs really tie the room together.

… and I’m spent.


I particularly think that the Pye label is appropriate


Has the helmet obstruction been removed?


Alas still slightly irritating and off colour…in the right light it reminds me of Olan. :slight_smile:


Amputation may be the only way forward now


I am somewhat disturbed that you are thinking of me while staring at your knob. Really you should stick to the goat 'n midget porn.


It is with immeasurable regret I am commanded to relay the latest ‘dispatches’ from Mr. MWS, why fortuna has seen me fit for this burden is beyond a mystery - I can only apologize…He really won’t fuck off.

Time has whisked stronzetto into quite a froth since he sank is snaggled tooth into the world of politics. The adhesive idiot appears positively convinced a rousing anthem is all that stands between himself and cock-pit of power. Having sat through the first round of auditions I’m flaccid with hope.

Enough of the man mule! Matters of real consequence are to hand! Yesterday through thunderous clouds and downtrodden pavements Mr. MWS trudged woefully to the post office. The queue was intolerable and reeked of compliance, failure and last nights pot noodle. The be-roped queue maze appeared like little gallows designed to perhaps offer some option of dignity to the most delicate Mr.MWS

…But wait!, peering through the gaggle of frustration could salvation be to hand?

And low, the little beige trouser Elvis rises in arrogant glory as the back doors of the mind garden creek near open to tempt in a technicolour vista of passion and pleasure.
Post office girl has returned! It has long been known that ‘lust trumps woe’, in fact I may offer this tit bit to Stronzettos campaign…? But I digress, post office girl is back when all hope was lost and now she stands at the threshold of the mind garden…She must be entranced at once! Perhaps she could be wooed by the ethereal flute or enticed by the sacred purple cape prance? No, No this just won’t do. Studying her pert physique and satanic styling it becomes clear Post office girl requires something entirely more acrobatic and spiritual. Perhaps a game of honeyed twister? NO SIR! Acroyoga! Mr. MWS recently created a unique and masterful art form that tallies fitness with tantra with an ungodly dose of lycra - Indeed Post office girl will contort as we cavort!

Yes, my golden panted playmate Mr. MWS will put you in a spin! The queue dissolves completely in the face of such reverie, Mr. MWS has transcended and with him ‘P.O.G’…

Furious panting and straining in harmony, we are tied in glorious knots! I can feel her breath on my shin her starboard teat sits firmly on my thigh…Indeed tupping time is near! But what is this searing pain? What Awww, 'You’re next love’ shatters the blossoming moment of the mind - What the deuce? Mr. MWS is being rammed by a spinsters shopping cart.
Punctured, forlorn and flaccid once more reality has again foiled Mr. MWS… Second class signed for please


You’ll be banned from there if PO Counters catch you taking furtive snaps of the staff. And Mrs MWS will find out. Still, it’s nice to see that they’re offering restriction by security equipment in return for cash now, and with 15% off under some illegible circumstances.



kicking a man when he’s down, excellent AAing


It could be worse. The spinster behind you who, presumably, ended up in receipt of PO Girl’s ‘attentions’, might have closed her business by pushing an International Driving Permit Request form under the glass with just the words “Do you know you’re on the internet ?” pencilled along the margin …



Are you sure that isn’t just a screen shot from “Persephone Pissflap does the Post Office”


Wow. You like fucked up porno. Not sure I would have pegged you for a urophiliac. Who knew?


oh yes, but only with the right bedding, no one likes a soggy mattress


D Trump might disagree, if the rumours are to be believed.