The Masters


Credit to Rose, generous towards Sergio in his interview, despite the obvious disappointment


To see the comradeship between them, even if Rose lost, was a pleasure.

To be at the top of your game takes another to challenge.


Rose is all class - hope he wins the Open.


You kept that bloody quiet that you are an actual golfer. :slight_smile:


Very pleased for Garcia.

The best description of the greens I heard was, it is like putting down a glass staircase and trying to stop the ball halfway.

Roll on the Ryder.

And The Open.


Chuffed for Sergio. When he hit that crazy drive out of bounds I thought he was gone.

If he could putt he would have won a few majors by now, ditto Lee Westwood.


I heard a similar comment that an average PGA club pro would be lucky to break 100.

I wonder if you can get on there with a County card? :grinning: