The Milk Float Thread


The only decent thing about Malvern is Morgan :+1:

Cars made of wood - you can’t get much more sustainable than that :stuck_out_tongue:


What about an Astra made out of Tofu? Completely biodegradable and no fucker would consider nicking it ever…


Wouldn’t turn the stereo up if I was you, won’t get to the end of the road with prog playing… lol.


I hate you lot :unamused:


Not enough charge for the xylophone solo.


And you :disappointed:


I feel I should weigh in here as I was the original forum ernie. The leaf is really good at being a car for 100 ish miles (slightly less in cold weather, slightly more if you get the big battery version). It’s very quiet, comfy, goes like a stabbed rat up to 50ish mph, costs pennies in out of pocket running costs(see below) and is well equipped. The downsides however are.

  1. range / charging / being electric. If you want to go that bit further you are basically fucked, Drive within it’s limits though and you’re fine.
  2. Depreciation, cost new before grants, dealer discounts etc. 30+k, value of ours after 2 years 23k miles? 6.5k. That’s arse bleedingly bad. All due to unfounded concerns over battery life, we had lost zero bars during the 2 years but it is what it is so factor this into the pcp / discounts you get if you don;t want to loose money.
  3. Interior quality is french car bad, plastics and fabric mark easily so be wary if leasing.

That’s about it really. Go into a lease with your eyes open or buy it outright with the aim to keep it for many years and you’re on to a winner.
Personally I’d probably go for a few years old i3ReX if you can live with 4 seats or wait for the tesla 3 to arrive.


I beat the dealer up big time on the flagship Tekna and got it at a 37.2% discount plus a free chrome trim pack so depreciation isn’t a huge concern of ours. This is a brand new unregistered one.
Have it on a 3 year PCP, the monthly payments and charging costs to do the milage of the current car is still less than the diesel bill in the Volvo. Then free tax, half the cost in insurance and no ongoing repair bills on an older vehicle.

No brown seat option though.


A week of naga based curries should sort that…


I’m trying to compose a mental picture of you in a Leaf Jack…

…no, no, try as I might, I just can’t see it :worried:


so which of these is best match?


I think it’s a very sensible choice.

And I’m sure Jack will fit into it easily


It’s the wife’s car. I’ve got a VW T6 Highline​ now.


Have you managed to get the driver’s seat pulled up the way back?


Loads of room in a leaf unlike Volvos. They have no legroom at all. Seats just don’t go back far enough.


Free chrome eh, that’s the deal sealer, imo… lol…


It was an unregistered one in stock but I found out at 5pm today when the wife was sat in the dealership ready to sign that the car doesn’t have a 6.6kw charger fitted, it’s got the 3.3kw unit, (even though we paid a deposit based on 6.6kw) which is no good for us so I’ll have to find another. Twats. I hate salesman, scum of the earth.


You must be devastated… lol…


We can’t all afford Porches you know. Some of us have lot all our money running unsuccessful businesses. :joy:


Yes, Porsche’s are affordable once you pack in the hifi biz, trust me… lol.