The return of shit joke thread (incorporating the humour toilet) and mainly reposts of shit from Twitter




I don’t get it. Their biggest fan base is China surely ?


Trick people into thinking you’re stuck in the 80’s - wear a Liverpool shirt😂


Or from Devon. :nerd_face:


Lots of United Airlines memes around, but this one is better than most.



O’Rourke was weekending in a village outside Clifton in Galway. It being the week before Easter he thought a bit of a stroll before a couple of pints might be just the thing. On the walk to the Pub he chanced upon a lad in floods of tears on the side of the road. Being a helpful soul of the Christian persuasion O’Rourke expressed his concern.

“Are you all right” quoth he, “What is it that might be upsetting you?”

“Its my favourite uncle Brian” sobbed the lad “He has died unexpectedly and I’m all alone in the world”

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph” exclaimed O’Rourke “what a tragedy. Would you like me to get Father O’Reilly for you”

“That’s really nice of you” wailed the distraught urchin, “but I’m too upset to think about sex right now.”


Badum and Tish. I’m here all Easter, try the Lamb etc etc…




It’s called art, that’s why… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s good Friday today,as our thoughts turn to the man with long hair who will long be remembered for dying on the end of a cross…happy easter Andy Carroll


Not really a joke but epic trolling…


seen it before but still brilliant.


It has to be said that Justin won the exchange with that last comment. :+1:



Just got back from the record shop,asked the chap if he had anything by The Doors,yes,a fire bucket and a broom was his reply


A fire bucket? That must be a late 19th century joke…


Shakespeare walks into a pub

Landlord says "get out,you are bard


Haven’t you got an Astra to polish…

…or the Battle of the Somme to recreate in your ‘garden’.

Occupy yourself with anything, and I mean anything, other than these jokes which are likely to clog the humour toilet and I dread to think what our resident plumber might do to clear it.