The return of shit joke thread (incorporating the humour toilet) and mainly reposts of shit from Twitter


You know how to hurt a man don’t you…

Ackchurley, my avatar proves you are rong :laughing:


What do you call three members of Abba in a French slaughterhouse? Abba trois.


Did you make that one up yourself Rob? :thinking:


No, I’m crap at making up jokes. That one was voted one of the worst at last years Edinburgh fringe…


Bad use of apostrophe there :grinning:


Ha. I had originally written “I’m fucking awful at grammar and even I can tell that’s a fucking mental use of commas” but I wasn’t sure if it was grammar or punctuation so I deleted that :stuck_out_tongue:



They’re lovely but not for every day. Perfect periodically :+1:


I’m not a fan of sandals but on the hole I like these ones.


Still absorbing the look of these sandals but suppose they could be worn if in a jam.


…but only if the painters are in :+1:


Speaking of which what do you call a Frenchman that wears sandals?

Phillipe Floppe


They would be ok for some no-strings fun I suppose…








This is so shit it made me laugh. :confounded:

I’m going out to regain some sort of sense of perspective…:unamused:


Be careful. If the sun is out you may blind passers by with your Yellow :smirk:


The only thing duller than my shade of yellow is your shade of Strayan…