The return of shit joke thread (incorporating the humour toilet) and mainly reposts of shit from Twitter







Is it Redcar?






O’Flynn had far too many pints the other night. Feeling like a bit of company he walked up to a girl in the bar and very politely asked if he could smell her twat.

“Certainly not!” came the horrified reply.

“Sorry” said O’Flynn, “It must be my shoes”.



Elvis Costello once swapped a tyre for a box of chocolates.

That was a Goodyear for the Roses.


My puns are so earth-shattering, they’re measured by sighsmograph.



That is soooo shit !


Yes, it’s not up your usual low standard Jim…:laughing:


Hang on, remind me of the title of this thread please.


Ah, but you see that isn’t the real title. It used to be called something else, indicating that the jokes were funny. Admittedly that was years ago. And on a different forum. But those are just details.



Ah, so a ruse then…


Nope, 99% of jokes on here reflect the title


It was even worse pre-Armageddon. One of the benefits of the sausage-fingered apocalypse was the loss of the joke thread. The funniest thing about that was how the name would change every time a posting upset Sodders. It really was utter pish. This current thread is merely shite.