The return of shit joke thread (incorporating the humour toilet) and mainly reposts of shit from Twitter


Who says Java is verbose, eh?


Where is Jon when you really need the delete button pressed NOW?


I can delete you! :bulb:


Ah the power must be a heady thing…:roll_eyes:


Done this one. Lost a month’s work and it was actually ‘rm * .class’. (For complicated reasons I want using source control).

You shoot yourself in the foot
% ls
foot.c foot.h foot.o toe.c toe.o
% rm * .o
rm: .o: No such file or directory
% ls


Trust level 4 and all that. :smiley:


No idea what that was about. @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi set it up so I could maintain the AAAC IIRC. I think @browellm has sorted out the cause. The main thing is that you are entertained by it though.



Lol, Ozzy is an almost endless source of fuckery comedy :roll_eyes: , especially when it comes to forum management and music taste. The rest us us just have to smile and pat him on the head. :smile:


So, hieroglyphics is a language again now; who’d a thunk it ?










Ancient Greek walks into a tailor’s w/ torn pair of trousers. Tailor: Euripides?
Greek: Yes, Eumenides?






Keep your fingers crossed for me. I’m on the way to the bank and if things work out it’s going to be a life changer for me - forever. I’m talking about BIG money… I’m so excited I can hardly get the fucking stocking over my head!


Thatcher would never do this :grin: