The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


"For whom the bell toils…:flushed:


The hill that you crested was that not hiding them?


I’ve only ever played golf once. I got round in 94.

I would have done much better but got stuck on the little windmill.

The plumber behind gave me a shit full of abuse.


Not with his wanky luminous golf top it wasn’t. We waited a good 5 mins after they were out of sight.

It is only a par 4 ffs should be well out of striking distance.


I though you were meant to launch a flare to warn people you were peeing off.


Remind me never to play with you. :slight_smile:


Most golfists are well into enlarged prostate territory, so they would hardly have the urinary range to get past their own feet.




Reading about someone’s golf problems is about as interesting as people talking about their dreams. Any more of it and you’re fucking banned.


He’s not banned already?

Must have been a dream…


Teed off, are we?


It’s just bunker mentality…


Bunkum. More like!


Storm in a tee cup


I’d make sure they putt up or shut up the whingers


This thread has gone a fairway to cheering me up.


Join the club!


The WorldPoohSticks Championships on June 4th in Witney.

One of the great riverside recreations.


Looks like they have thrown some serious cash at tigger and friends


Indeed. :slight_smile: