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There appears to be a lady laughing at St. Theresa and a chap looking quite incredulous and if your not going to pull the trigger, remove that gun from her back or give it to someone who will.


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Interesting and brief intro into the current pressures on NHS Finances. Its a commissioner view (providers have their own challenges which add to this) but since they are the ones with responsibility for overall spend in your area, its a good place to start.


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Export licences granted for the sale of surveillance equipment to repressive regimes under the pretence of it being to monitor terrorist activity. Justified authoritarianism. It’s a world we’re all sleepwalking into.


I am sorry to say we are already in this world…the reality is this has been going on for decades, not necessarily with tech that needs special export licences but with other tech that enables the same outcome.


You are surprised?


I had a bit of an epiphany yesterday during our stand-up.

This is the most properly bonkers project I’ve ever worked on.

Not the worst project, that honour goes to something with Accenture 15 years ago that was an epic disaster.

However despite it being easy to spout hyperbole I’m now convinced that these guys really have let the lunatics take over the asylum and I’m building the most barking mad platform (for an ostensibly fairly simple purpose) I’ve ever seen.

Still, I’m happy to join them in the collective madness while they’re paying. I just want to be out of there before it sees production loads or real-world data, because that’s going to be seriously painful.


That intrigues me


me too


Definitely need more details!


Less cryptic please. Willing to pay bitcoins :nerd_face:


I’m feeling a private message coming on … just to keep the names of the guilty out of the public eye :slightly_smiling_face:.



and no prizes for guessing which Company has invested in and is hoovering all the contracts associated with Cyber Security in the UK. No need to worry though, Cyber Security is now the responsibility of the British Army and even has its own regiment, oh, and a lot of support from the MOD.


No it isn’t and has never been, was always controlled by GCHQ with cyber security done by CESG which is now part of NCSC.


Ah yes, the civilian effort, bless 'em. No doubt said contractor is busy in there too. It’s a bigger cash cow than the one I’m in.