The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Homer wrote a version of that involving a trireme and the lighthouse at Pharos, but even he admitted to nicking it.


Maybe Donald Trump controls all US Navy vessels from his laptop in the Oval office.:thinking:



Any request to do anything today that doesn’t basically involve either doing nothing or drinking something cold will be refused because hot.


Holy fuck sticks I’m fucking dying here, 28c indoors and not far off it outside.

I hate hot weather in the UK, had 40c in Spain last year and no where near as uncomfortable as this.



Is it just me, or is 2017 turning out to be an even bigger pile of smouldering poop than 2016?


Dunno, but hopefully lying, acting like an utter cunt and pretending that you know what you are doing will soon go out of fashion.


One man band terrorist attacks now. Of course we couldn’t have a revenge attack as that would play into the hands of ISIS. I do so hope this fella is a member of EDL, as that would then become a terrorist organisation.


Wow, the Star Trek, universal translator is almost with us!


I suppose it’ll do until Ford Prefect rocks up with his Bable fish.


I’ve been wearing sandals all day; now my feet smell absolutely fucking awful.


Thanks for sharing :grimacing:


I’ve just washed them :+1:


Next time dont wear socks.


How is washing the sandals going to help?


I didn’t. Wearing socks with sandals reduces foot odour, but looks silly when you have shorts on.


Not sure why you need sandals at all for lounging about the house!


There speaks a man who does not share his house with Lego.



Bollocks. :grin: