The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


They look silly too.

I’m sure I have seen them in the fabled Daisy Duke pics :slight_smile:


Socks are essential for moisture absorption otherwise (as previously mentioned) your soles will begin to stick to the sandals.
Comfort 1 fashion 0 :thumbsup:




whereas another neighbour describes him as completely normal…



Winter is coming


Bloody eck, that’s quite a collection… Wonder who brought it over?


Feh, nothing new. I’ve been in a bar (in Salzburg) that had a bust of Hitler (replete with swastika) in pride of place.

Mind you my friend and I only noticed this after we’d bought beers and sat down.

All in all it turned out to be quite an interesting evening.


If memory serves a lot of senior Nazis fled to South America to escape punishment for war crimes, so not so surprised there’s a shed load of Nazi memorabilia there


National hero… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes I remember the stories in papers past of Martin Borman et al, being spotted in Argentina etc…

I recall on recent trips there, there were German speaking towns, Bariloche springs to mind iirc…


there are also Welsh speaking towns in Argentina


That’ll be Nigel Farage’s holiday house then.




Tic Toc. Tic Toc…


How do I post a short vid clip from my phone on here ? Just been to fix boiler that was doing it’s own tribute to the memory of Brian Cant.

If that doesn’t pique your interest more than Windows chat, nothing will. :slight_smile:


I’m erect at the thought.


Excellent…thinly veiled interest delivered through clumsy sarcasm.

It is what makes this place tick.


Don’t forget pork.



Next time you fix the boiler, tell her I’m game too if she’s interested.

She can whistle what she likes for me.