The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Wife putting the kids down to bed and I can hear from the other room that she’s currently being grilled intensely by our 5 year old son on whether or not she is likely to die anytime soon.


I often have to reassure my youngest that, despite being ill for most of her life, I’m not going to die soon!


I have had that conversation with my teenage kids for the second time recently. It doesn’t get any better with practice.


this made me lolz…


Amazing what you can do to a Morris Marina


Strayan does stupid thing. POM larfs :rolling_eyes:


7 pints of ale and a fat curry. Easy.


Surprised the tyres lasted for the duration. (by that i mean didn’t bust)


As always, there are tricks e.g.



Absolutely peak Corbyn. Probably got a massive cheer too.




One for the history buffs here. It is ages since I’ve seen this…





Going to start taking Patch to shows;


I hope she kept it - it’d probably be worth a fortune now !


Haven’t heard from Donald in a while. Has someone told him to stfu, is he poorly or has his twitter account been suspended ?


5 year old son said, mockingly, to pregnant wife “ha. You’ll have to look after 3 children” :stuck_out_tongue: :joy: