The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Bloody hell they get married young round your way.


FFS we’re not fifers! :wink:


I was genuinely surprised she didn’t immediately counter with “I already do” or “you mean 4”


"Police were looking for tips"



Anyone watching Glastonbury? The Chic set earlier was bloody amazing, well worth watching on iplayer if you missed it.


Yeah, saw that, was pretty damn good. Nile Rodgers is bloody awesome.

Watching Biffy Clyro atm, before switching to Ed Sheeran @ 21:45 to watch with the kids.

Enjoyed Foo Fighters last night.


London Grammar ATM

watched rag’n’man earlier he was good, as was Moderat

Best for me so far was Stormzy


Is london grammer live now or iplayer?


live - red button John Peel stage


You can rewind to the beginning of the set if your TV or box is smart enough. Is also live on iplayer.


thanks, yes, just wound the TV back to the start.


Haha, I love Ed Sheeran :slight_smile:


Kano now, never heard him before, but oh my I like this alot…


Justice, live now. great if you like that sort of thing.


Now watching Metronomy - have a couple of their albums, but not entirely convinced by them live… although anything is better than Ed Sheeran


Ellie and Lauren say you are Rong.

Thought he did well TBH, there’s not a lot to hate about him, other than him being unfeasibly successful. And ginger.


Isn’t he a ginge?


There is that.


apologies to Ellie and Lauren – that is why music is just so fantastic, something for everyone… and always something new to hear… like Kano who was seriously good…