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Recruitment consultants sending me videos to introduce themselves.

Proof positive that we are living in the end times.


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The Guardian, LUL.


2 generations, 3 max before nobody has to work. Brilliant.


A lot of super rich Americans do subscribe to that idea - Gates, Buffett and others. Their position is that their kids will have the best education that money can buy, and access to a whole load of contacts; if they can’t do well with that start in life then they don’t deserve it. The money then goes into a foundation that gives it away over decades, providing a nice legacy.

Of course, there are plenty of others who want to create a whole dynasty. They’re generally the massive cunts.


It’s a stupid idea dreamt up by a student who hasn’t even seen the connection to totalinarianism. It makes the ludicrous assumption that society would bumble on in exactly way, which of course it wouldn’t. There would be a massive glut of consumer spending followed by a general reluctance to work.

Also ignores basic genetic principles which is to provide for the next generation.

The hyper-rich American demographic is hardly grounded in reality.





Yes, and yes again.


I think that this is the most important element. The obvious issues with 100% inheritance tax are this, and the lack of point to working once you are reasonably set.

Personally I think that inheritance should be taxed higher than it is, especially large estates. But it’s much more important to implement our current tax laws - IHT is basically an optional tax for the super rich, as stuff is just moved out of estates and then it can never be touched. We need a better system for taxing trusts, both money going in and coming out.


An idea with a lot to merit.