The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


I heard that, yep he’s a complete idiot and a biggot.


Stolen from Sale Sharks AASE


I can do 4 & 6…at a push


2 and 9 sound like the same thing: “I want more of your time than I’ve paid for”.

Yeah, get to fuck.


I like this. A lot.


Wtf drives people to even think that this has anything to do with justice?


It’s difficult to describe how backwards Pakistan is as a country, a major source of terrorism, honour killings, revenge rapes, acid attacks and sexual assaults that all go unpunished.



Too much generalisation there for me. I’m not having a go at Pakistan as a country,their people or their religious leanings. My point is that the ‘eye for an eye’ method of ‘justice’ fails on every count.


Just seems to me that when India split in two all the zealouts and extremists went to Pakistan. India has issues but nothing like Pakistan, especially what they did to Bangladesh during independence.

I’ve been to many dodgy countries but would flatly refuse to go to Pakistan.


last time I was in Pakistan was about 5 years ago. Over the preceding decade, I’ve been 6 maybe 7 times, including to Peshawar in the NW Province. The place is as dodgy hell, and terrifying as well. The scary thing is that all the hotels I ever stayed in have been blown up now. On one my earliest trips to Pakistan, I even holidayed there.

Strangely, I think though I was more comfortable working in Pakistan, than I was in some areas of Nigeria, like Warri in Delta State.


I can understand that people go for “an eye for an eye” as being fair in principle, even if it’s never going to be actually reasonable. But in this case, another young woman was raped - it’s like raping a girl is primarily a crime against the family, rather than against her. What an odd view.

It makes you realise just how uneducated and backward much of the world is.


Pretty much the basis for honour killings, much of Asia has a great deal of emphasis on family honour, was reading the other day how the dowry in the ME has no got so expensive a very large number cannot afford to get married.




Buying both kids new bikes at the start of the holidays may have been a tactical error. After 20 minutes of them gurning at me in their helmets I caved in. For the second day running I have hit both my exercise targets by lunchtime and I’m knackered for the afternoon…


hmmmm - tether the bikes to your arm chair, make sure the casters on the armchair are in good order and you have yourself a child powered vehicle…now the question is, whether it is cheaper to run than a Nissan Leaf.


You don’t have kids - it’d be cheaper to run a bloody Ferrari!


let their tyres down a bit, should slow them down enough for you to keep up.




Four rejects me. Not by choice.

If anyone wishes advice, I’ll tell what I’ve learnt. Cranio-sacral therapy is the start.


Haha, my mate’s just messaged me on WhatsApp:

Today I flew Ryanair. To summarise:
The stewardess announced over the Mic that it was Wayne’s birthday and could we all sing happy birthday.
She also asked if Barry could remain on the plane as the crew had his 'mile high certificate to award him.
To top it off she then asked a bloke, whose name we do not know, to sit down as the seatbelt signs were still on. His reply in a thick Geordie accent was “shut it, you fat bitch”.