The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


He could have had a muffin and a go in an Astra instead. What a fucknugget.


Maybe one or the other, but BOTH?




I thought the driver of the Astra would probably share the muffin with him. It is only £260K so there are obvious limits. Once round the block with the Astra in second would be the maximum thrill for that money. He’d have to sit in the middle on the back seat too.


Exciting times in Scotchland…



Does Stronzetto swim?



what about on the jubilee line? Back in 82 it was pretty quiet between Wembley and Stanmore late at night…


They used to shoot pornos on the Met and Picc between Rayners Lane and Uxbridge. They weren’t too secretive either.


I recall her telling me the moquette chaffed her thighs and cheeks…


He does now. :slight_smile:


that explains why the armrests always felt sticky


It’ll certainly give him an excuse for some self abuse at the lakeside.

I wonder if she’d take a pop up boilie?


Is that a single or double entendre?


I had to google that. Angling as the final nail in the coffin of dullness that is this Friday afternoon. No doubt Twinkle will be along later to entertain us with tales of joy from the fairway.



Gotta be better than bottom bait hasn’t it ?



Who she ?



I’m glad that I read that just before taking a mouthful of tea


We have reached the end times. Angling related innuendo FTW. Take me now Jesus. Bring down the yellow and end this tedium…