The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Interesting that the Tories seem hell bent on removing personal freedoms and giving ever more powers to the state, yet they seem to be ‘helpless’ when it comes to the mass media and international organisations.

The Mail is a joke, it’s what happens if you take biggots and ill informed people and encourage them to be ever more extreme.


If only there was an organisation that stood up for people’s rights in Europe.




apparently used to make that delicacy Chitterlings


Only if you specifically want added arseholes & not just intestines.

Does look a bit arsoley mind. Does one have to be some sorta gourmet nonce to dare order that?



Had a few arseholes for dinner, I’ve never eaten one though.


I hope the Inland Revenue taxes these fuckers to death for these ‘presents’


They really should think about renaming this building…


A glimmer of hope






Rather reassuring that it was a sex game “gone wrong”


Wasn’t worried until I read this bit, now I know we’re all fucked…

On its website, the FSA said: "Our risk assessment, based on all the information available, indicates that as part of a normal healthy diet this low level of potential exposure is unlikely to be a risk to public health and there is no need for consumers to be concerned.


I read that as “Virginia” and couldn’t figure out what it had to do with Manchester.


Seriously, WTFF…




What kind of feckin’ day is today, have I upset the gods or stood on the toes of vengeful Trump ? Removed tiles from the bathroom and half the plaster came away as well. Off to the tip envisaging two or three hours plastering on my return, nope the car battery is completely flat or buggered. Dropped the spanner, looked at the tyre, need a new one, probably just within legal limit, always change in two’s , so need two. Fuck me the rear nearside is feckin’ flat, slow puncture methinks (don’t trust puncture repairs ) so that’s three new tyres, nope change them in pairs and will need them changed in about six months anyway,so that’s fucking four.
Ye gods I’m pissed off, sciatica’s playing up, banging head and the dogs looking at me either thinking soft cunt or take me for a walk. Did I mention I’m pissed off ?
A fucking bathroom to plaster
Probably a new car battery needed
Four new tyres required
and I haven’t checked the spare in the boot.
Fuckity, fuckity fuck fuck… Probably £400 up the Swanny