The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)



Beware the flute…




Clearly a spunkflute. Also, subjecting children to flutery is clearly wrong (irrespective of whether it is a jizzwhistle or not).



@Jim would you like to denounce The Guardian for publishing such obviously fake news?


As you seem to take great pleasure in taking the piss out of my Santa persona…

…I’m getting revenge…Meet Mr Custard. :rofl:



That looks a bit like Mr Bukake.


If you have yellow sperm, go see a doctor :stuck_out_tongue:



She should be invited to be a regular contributor here.


I think I may have the equivalent of Post Office Girl but in Greggs.

Lovely thoughtful look about her and a real spark behind large horn-rimmed glasses.

No real conversation but a small cocquettish glance while asking what sauce I would like on my baguette. It was also beautifully packed with all sausages at 45 degrees and I swear there may have been an extra one in there.




You’re packed with all saus…never mind.


That’s not how I (bacon) roll. There is too much at steak (bake). One more americano and I have a full card. Possibly a free coffee or a savoury something.

Can’t risk that.


And there was me hoping for the Gettae Fuck model.




Genius. The drugs trap is brilliant


I’ve forgotten that yanks name already but he’s a fuck nugget