The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)




Very cool


Surprised by that tbh, not that I’ve ever given the subject much thought, but assumed deeper holes had been drilled.


Isn’t the main thing that’s stopping them the fact that no-one can pronounce Mohorovičić ?



Pffftt !!

If you buried @Jim to that depth, his farts would still erupt as a geyser !


Can you get a sufficiently wide drill bit?

You wouldn’t want him getting stuck half-way down. It’d be like a cannon going off if he was stuck and the Porkaliser 5000 engaged the turbo…


I think the heat he generated would create an exothermic reaction and forge its own way.


hahahahahahahah, they’ve managed to make it look like a complete shitwaggon, I can’t help but larf at the drivers when I see one,



Horrendous isn’t it? The rear three quarters is an abomination.

Think I posted elsewhere it’s like they copied the Ssangyong Rexton for god’s sake!


There’s loads around though. We were down in Cornwall in the summer and it seemed every fifth car was one of these…


It’s the 4x4 equivalent of the BMW Mini Max, loads of them around but no one is really sure why.


Friend has a 7 year old Discovery and engine has gone pop. Quoted £8k for a recon engine fitted or £4k to take it off his hands, books at £17k. Ouch

He will no doubt buy another Land Rover…


Utterly dreadful. How the design got signed off is beyond me.


Motoring for the blind. What could go wrong?





Never mind the buffet check out the monstrous hubcaps.


Yeah…wtf are they? :thinking: