The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


A new Technics turntable, The SP 10R



I’d bang it!


500,000 Euros. Someones having a giraffe.


With a big hammer


4 LCD displays and a tablet glued to it, what a fucking joke.

The SME dealer with all the TTs in his front room will no doubt get one.


Bet the spams love that


Potty turntable. yes it’s a Techie 1210.


I confess I haven’t thought this through, but surely there’s not much to be gained once the TT gets more complicated than the lathe used to cut the master in the first place ?



Not quite sure what I think of this one.


This probably applies better to digital than analogue, I reckon. And even then not 100%


Just think of the damage I could do to that lot :grinning:


Interesting new design

New reel to reel too -


Here’s an idea… How about a turntable where the stylus doesn’t move but the platter does? That’d be fucking bonkers and sell like hotcakes…


Get on with it then…


Yes please :heart_eyes:


Call it the ScrotumToe and enjoy annoying the fuck out of BallFinger while earning your first billion.

I do like the look of the BallFinger kit though, stylish design with a hint of brick shithouse construction by the looks of it.



£27k… :scream:


I think they’ve dropped a bollock there like!