The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


I presume this is some type of distortion due to the deflector shields being deployed just as the photo was taken.


I’d imagine distortion is all it would sound like.


Undoubtedly, but better that than the screaming fugliness of the Dr Fuckwit Bird-o-matic depicted earlier.


The one I posted (not sure why I can’t get the pictures on site anymore) was nicely understated and reminds me a bit of your deck. That other one is called Firebird I think.


It does look a bit like a Clearaudio. It also reminds me of the new Systemdek models.


I was trying to remember that name earlier. I think they had some chunky looking models that were smart but about £9k.


The 3D signature is nearly £15K before arm and cartridge.

The 3D reference is well over £20K before arm and cartridge.


Fitted with inertial dampeners conferring great isolation FTW. Maybe the equal of cable lifters & carpet grippers combined in terms of SQ benefits.

Prolly needs a Shakti Stone on each nacelle for the ultimate incarnation.



No needle necessary on the cartridge either. Sir can choose between the MM compliant ‘phaser array’ or the ‘superior tractor beam’ for those with a nice SUT.

Shakti Stones are inferior to the impact of di-lithium crystals obviously…



Even further from my grasp than I thought!


Well yeah of c…obv’s! Although the addition of some Shakti’s will hurt none due to the extra stability when running on the impulse drive. Well proven they add little extra benefit at anything over warp factor 2 tho.


Here it is with the matching CDP



CDP is obviously better, at times it seems to disappear and let the background blackness through…


Just €19000. :heart_eyes:


It’s an assault on the eyes


Even I don’t like that :thinking:


I have a deep suspicion an owner of such a turntable wears shoes like this.


What about this?


Nice looking plinth…

Are you looking for a new t/t, Dave?


Needs a white marble base then Tough Bob would love it :rolling_eyes: