The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


I was looking at the bling TT for £4K on PFM. Decided against it.


I like that.


Is the folded sheet underneath it just there to protect the tabletop or is it additional damping/isolation ? And is that a gilded version of a well-known phono stage lying on its side in the top right of the pic :smiley: ?



Dave loves his paperweights :blush:


That’s IanS1’s old TT that I sold about 18 months ago :slightly_frowning_face:


Yes I know. The seller seems a bit dodgy to me, I asked to pop over to see it and he wasn’t keen. Lots of smoke and mirrors going on for some reason. Maybe he’s just a useless seller.


And it looks decent value, but as a one off I would be concerned about servicing, repairs, spares etc.

Have you heard it?


That is the motor.


Don’t you mean the power supply?


This is the Triangle Art Signature t/t. Very good reviews.




I am thinking about it Paul and this is the one I want but it is to expensive.


Talk to Mik


That’s a great t/t. I’ve heard it a few times and it is very impressive.


Those big oil rig me-too designs are such a turn off.

Agreed, the Kodo is a lovely sounding deck.


Paul’s okay but I wish he’d kept it longer.

Many times but not since Paul had it.

I’d buy it for sentimental reasons but just end up putting it in storage.


Can’t decide whether I prefer it in white, I think I do but sadly I’ll never have to make that decision :frowning:


He’s withdrawn it from sale at the moment. Would enjoy placing a record on that each day!


Also look at the Grand Prix Audio Monaco


Looks like a sink.