The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


I know it does if you think about it like that but I don’t see that unless I try to.



Has Keith ever sold any of those in the UK?


No idea, but it would appear that someone has


That is v ugly


I don’t care for the looks either, however that wouldn’t deter me. It may sound amazing, but I’ve not personally listened to one.


Its also a shed load of money to play a record.


It’s horrible looking and probably difficult to sell on, as you don’t seem to get a lot for your money. In that price range people want a ‘name’ and for it to be substantial. Never heard one.


I remember him pushing that ugly Spiral Groove thing as well, that never took off either.


Didn’t see one Monaco at Munich, there were loads of Kronos though. Similar money.


You need to upgrade to a LP12.

I believe there was one of the carbon fibre plant pots at CES


Had one for about ten years, back in the last century. That’s where they belong :smile:


In denial😁



Symmetry systems used to import them before Keith took them on.


Would rather have something with some isolation built in :wink:



Do they rely on their megabucks racks to provide this :grin:


Looks nice. Montegiro.


Looks like it’s made, in part of bamboo.


It is.


Looks a lot nicer than the striped biscuit tin and drinks accessories one they do/did?