The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


To be fair, it would be hard not to


:grinning: yes who knows what they were thinking of


Just cuz you can doesn’t mean you should type of thing.

That’s really bad.


I’d have one just because it looks so ridiculous :rofl:


It has twat written all over it. Wonder if John Terry has one?


He is in the pub with the Sunderland team.:grin:


Mr Whest (James) had two of those.


Bit like his phonostages then



Only some of them, my early one is fine, works really well with the Troika.


Not anymore, some scally nicked it the other week when he was on his hols:slight_smile:


A friend recently purchased an Inspire Eclipse with 12" arm. Very clean, elegant design.


It’s a very decent sounding table that and the 9" version.

Robs place is just around the corner (literally) from where I work.


Needs more ugly, no street cred.


Your delivery sir:

I believe it is a Western Electric, supposedly dating to around the time of the First World War

It has been bitchslapped by the hand of fugly repeatedly by the looks of it and then hasn’t aged well…


Ha, ha, is that their attempt to isolate the motor?!


That is so Edd9000


So much want.


Looks very similar to my old gran’s sewing machine


'Tis a thing of beauty … and if you get tired of playing records you could always remove the cover from the grinding wheel at the left hand side and sharpen your cold chisel.


Presumably it has some sort of worm and wheel gearbox. I can’t begin to imagine what that adds to the noise :smile: