The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


Character :smiley:


One word for it, I suppose :grinning:


Someone on here should make one,i’ll supply the motor


I think the designer was clearly thinking of the future.

Separate motor pod, big torquy motor, three legged stand. If it was made now it would sell I reckon.


The 3 motor one would really be the one as obviously 3 motors is much betterer than 1 good one.


Especially if it was actually an internal combustion engine*. Perfectionists who put the turntable in a separate room so there’s no feedback from the speakers will now have to have a third room with the engine in it and a drive shaft coming through the wall to the TT.


*Or steam. Or a waterwheel/windmill for the eco brigade.


You missed your calling, never mind that physics malarkey. Turntable design is where your talents clearly lie.


I’m taking this as a compliment.


Yes, yes you should (snigger) :innocent:


We think it, somebody’s made it :slight_smile:


Yet more rubbish.


Jeez, that is crap.

How can you hope to experience any of the vinyl magic on a cardboard plinthed echo chamber ?


You should, I’ve seen a couple of things you’ve made and impressive doesn’t do it justice.

Sorry, that was for edd9000


Removes the counter weight


Does it now…


I’m struggling to see how you can adjust the VTF without adding or subtracting weight to the count weight, which on face value would be very difficult as it is hanging on a bit of string.


Is what you meant to say.


Not enough foo - the support thread should be silver :+1:


Looks like it could double up as a trebuchet…


A Rega with holes, beaks & string