The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


Looks completely over done. Probably ideal for playing prog.


Apart from the opportunity to take the piss, what possible advantage does moving the counterweight have? Is there any promotional literature?


Probably something to do with reducing inertia. Having the weight close to the pivot would do this. Though i guess a heavier weight would be needed compared to a rear c/w. Maybe someone cleverer can explain.

Who is the manufacturer?
What do they claim the benifits are?


It’s to get the counterweight directly in line with the bearings.

In a standard counterweight, any warps will lead to a slightly different tracking force, as the counterweight will be slightly closer to the vertical line containing the bearings. The cartridge will be as well, but by a smaller amount. This system overcomes that problem. Audibility unknown.

Also, it will change the effective mass of the arm from an equivalent one without such a system. That’s not relevant though, I don’t think.


Is it any good for sea fishing ?


I thought you liked silver Jim? :sunglasses:


Coarse fishing only


The most important question is how this thing will react to the ultimate tonearm tests: The woolly jumper/pissed operator/expensive cartridge interface. I believe that there are one or two experts in this test on here. :innocent:

My money on on this thing being a disaster for the refreshed butcher and his favourite cartridge when negotiating that final side of prog while finishing off the fourth bottle of the Chateau LaTurd '72. :smirk:


Too wordy. Should read, “Drunk cunt likely to break it”.




The effect is miniscule and this arrangement won’t overcome any inertial effects.

Not in the vertical plane, but it will in the horizontal plane with all that extra hardware to flap about. Unlikely to be desirable.

All it appears to do is add friction into the vertical movement and, likely as not, variations in the leverage as the arm rides over warps (albeit this may be some kind of attempt to compensate for the aforementioned minicule effect).

Frankly, it appears to be twattery of the highest order.

The Audio Innivations Delta Inertia is the only true counterweightless arm I know of. (pmac has mine)


It looks like it should certainly be easier to have an accident, so yep, I’m all for using it for playing prog.


This is what you meant isn’t it?


Guilty as charged your Loquaciousness. :disappointed:


It’s Aussie speak. :nerd_face:


Posh Aussie speak. Non-posh would be fucking bastard drunk cunt fucked it up.


Youse a Oz and I will steal the £5 :+1:


Pointless, ugly, mishmash.

Not you, Bob. The arm.


Yep, that is shite. Probably less effective than Rega’s own spring applied tracking force which addresses the same issue.


Blame Rube Goldberg for that arm.