The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


Leak did one with an adjustable sprung loaded ball supporting the tube near the bearing.

When we were doing the arm for AI we played around supporting various arms having removed the counterweights. Of course the system of support has to be able to move in the horizontal plane along with the armtube as it traversed the record but that wasn’t difficult to arrange & I often ended up using a rubber band to hold the tube up enough to allow for the correct amount of tracking force when the stylus was in the groove… It did really good things with the bass, the like of which I don’t think I’ve heard from any conventional arm. Lots of other issues to be overcome but that aspect was exceptional.


Unless Pete wants it back soon (@coco let me know if you do!) I’m going to try the AI arm on my SP-10 as soon as I get the system up and running. I’ll need an arm board, but I reckon I’ll be able to make one in an hour or so from a nice piece of teak I have.


Rabski will have built his 300B amp before Pete gets a TT running again.
*Hold on, that’s utterly ridiculous. What was I thinking? The Rabski/amp deliberation is known unit of geological time like the Pleistocene or Cretaceous periods.


Maybe it’s a 300A amp?

The ‘A’ denoting aeons?


I used to have a 300A amp. :grinning:

Bought a pair from a Birmingham based valve seller for £20. Used them for 10 years. Broke one & sold the other to someone in Tokyo for £700. Too cheap judging by what they fetch now.


Imagine finding a cache of a couple of hundred NOS in some estate sale :laughing:


I had one of those, sadly I never got is up and running, The MC headshell was very heavy but the design was interesting.


You could use some of that instead of the rubber band :+1:


You’re more likely to give it a try than I was - it needs a solid plinth deck, really, and I don’t have one.


My very first Turntable the Semi-Automatic JVC JL-A20. :heart_eyes:



Technics have unveiled a new turntable at IFA2017, the Technics SP10R.


Should be out new year.


Nice. Love to hear one, I guess it’ll be rather spendy.


hmmmm…not sure I like that levitated look…:thinking:


It’s a motor unit as pictured, no plinth. Technics will be making their own plinth available. Doubtless there will be some bespoke after market plinth offerings too.


The Mk2 & Mk3 had that same look when not mounted in a plinth.




Reads like its the 1200G without an arm and an off board psu.
My guess is £4.5K to £5.5k


I would guess at least double that :wink:


Maybe. But then it will be too much if it is just the G with an off board psu. It will have to have MUCH better performace to warrant £10k


Perhaps you’re right. I’m just guessing blindly with no further information to hand. I often do that :grin: